Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (2023)

with so manyThemes WordPressto choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. You want a theme that fits your brand's aesthetic, but it also needs to be easy for users to navigate and easy to implement on your site.

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (1)

Avada Theme has it all – customization, easy navigation, pre-built websites that can be loaded with one click, and much more. In this post, we will take a closer look at the features of this theme. Next, let's look at some of the best websites built with Avada.

What is the Avada theme?

Avada Theme is the best-selling WordPress theme, complete with an intuitive website builder, dozens of ready-to-use theme elements, and tons of pre-built website templates.

Avada is attractive because it is easy to use for beginners (Noprogramming skillsnecessary), but still flexible enough for professionals to customize.

You can create custom content layouts, customize styling, choose from a library of Font Awesome fonts, upload custom fonts, and upload images for sliders and other graphics. To save time, you can tooBuild your WordPress websiteStart with any of the pre-built websites they provide and tweak it.

Avada Theme Resources

Avada has many features that you can use to create a website that fits your brand. A WooCommerce integration means you can offer an online store while image sliders provide an attractive way to display content. You can start a blog, share event information, or even add Google Maps to help users find your physical location.

Here's a deep dive into some of Avada's most popular features.

live editing

Avada is a website builder that offers maximum design flexibility with its drag-and-drop visual interface. You'll see your changes immediately as you create your website content. You are also in full control with the live editor, which allows you to interact with every design and layout element on the website. Also, you can customize each page and post layout with the editor, giving you great flexibility in creating your website content.


There are over 120 design and layout elements with endless options for creating dynamic and feature-rich content. All you have to do is select the design element you want on your page, click and drag it to where you want it, and adjust it to your liking.

You have many options among the various pre-built websites, pages, posts, portfolios, images, sliders, widgets and much more. You can quickly import any of the 80+ pre-built websites with just a few clicks. In addition, you can uninstall certain elements from your website. Avada is also responsive across devices, so all your design elements look great on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.


Not only is Avada fully integrated with WooCommerce, but it also includes a WooCommerce Store Builder that allows you to create an online store and start promoting or selling with Avada right away.

Examples of Avada themes

To get a good idea of ​​how versatile, attractive, and functional the Avada theme is, here are several websites across different industries that show that the sky really is the limit with this theme.

1.Training to become a saddle rider

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (3)

An attractive slideout menu paired with bold fonts adorns the Saddleback Rider Training website. The orange and the blackcolor schemeIt adds drama to the experience, and the clean, full-width sections give the site a sleek feel. This theme is perfect for anyone interested in an eye-catching display of content on their website.

2.TacticsTop 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (4)

Tactics, a French employment agency, uses the Avada theme in a unique way. At the top of the site they create a sort of "Create Your Own Adventure" where the site user can identify themselves based on the scenario that best describes them: a job seeker or an employer. This choice gives them an experience that is tailored to their individual needs. This interface is displayed in front of the top menu and the rest of the homepage, showing the reader that Tactics cares more about the visitor than they do about themselves.

3.manny & me

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (5)

Manny & Me is a nanny agency that helps families connect with qualified teachers, tutors and nannies. In this case, Avada is used to bold fullwidth sections along withCTA buttonsto guide the user through the website.

This theme is great for business owners who run their website as a marketplace but prefer to personalize the experience for their users by connecting vendors with customers individually.

4.Cobham River Lodge

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (6)

Cobham River Lodge leverages Avada's ability to visually break down information. The home page includes accordion FAQ boxes to hide long content, counter-style elements to highlight stats, and a large footer to house features and navigation.

If your site is going to contain a significant amount of content but you want to keep the site architecture relatively flat, Cobham River Lodge is a great source of inspiration.

5.Russel brand

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (7)

Russell Brand's Avada website uses large graphics and full-width sections in a color-neutral format. The navigation menu is plain text paired with links to social media sites to encourage more connections. This sample Avada site shows the versatility it offers for building a portfolio site.

6.Eruption group

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (8)

Eruption's homepage moves away from the typical static layout, with creative text alignment and vertical graphics. Most impressive is the use of animated typography in the main title. Below that is a vertical timeline that helps keep content organized, with buttons that take the reader to more detailed pages. You will like the structure of this site if you want the visual to complement the copy on your site. ice cream

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (9)

Glace Paysanne is an ice cream and dessert company that plays with whitespace and colorful images and text to make their products stand out. Ofixed menuAt the top is the most prominent Avada feature, while a button in the top-right corner prompts the site visitor to take action.

If converting customers on the homepage is important to your business, use Glace Paysanne as your design muse.


Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (10)

Goroo makes custom car mats and showcases their product in a video on the front page. The rest of the homepage uses plain copy paired with slow-loading images to provide a compelling movement. Also, Goroo doubles down on the gallery-like feature to showcase the different product options they offer.

What makes this Avada website unique is the fact that it only has a few pages - most of the content is contained on the homepage. That makessite navigationEasier for the visitor by leading them to just a few places where they're likely to convert to a CTA.

9.catch my puppy

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (11)

This site uses Avada to display a large banner image at the top of the page that contrasts with the full screen. The homepage also uses comparison boxes that highlight your points when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page to find the footer. As the user navigates through the content, the menu remains fixed at the top for easy navigation.

10.Panda Paper Roll

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (12)

Panda Paper Roll, a paper products company for cash registers and kiosks, uses several Avada elements to showcase its expertise, including the mileage-style widget to display stats, a social media bar above the top menu, and a scroll menu of the customer. At the bottom of the home page are quick links and key categories that allow visitors to navigate to topics that are important to them.


Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (13)Moni Design is a graphic design and internet marketing agency. Avada theme allows Moni Design to neatly organize your content in a vibrant and colorful layout. The website has a video background withParallax-Scrollingto attract users' attention.

Avada's new footer builder feature can also be seen here - Moni Design cleverly uses the footer to provide links to all your social media links. The balance between the video background at the top and the footer links at the bottom creates an immersive user experience that isn't broken by a full menu at the top of the screen.

12.Spohn project

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (14)Spohn Design is a boutique graphic design company. They use Avada theme to create clean and attractive homepage with simple and clear navigation. Users get the wow factor from the image banner, but the theme's design isn't overly complex or overwhelming. The crisp images on this site highlight these features, so if you're considering designing this site, eye-catching graphics could be worth the investment.

13.Heavenly Flowers

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (15)Heavenly Blooms is a floral arrangement company. If you scroll down the homepage, you'll find that parallax scrolling is in full effect. Avada's photo gallery elements also come into play, making it easy for the company to showcase highlights from its portfolio. Minimal copy and beautiful graphics bring this website to life. So keep that in mind if you want a similar result for your Avada Theme website.

14.Cleaner for green leaves

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (16)

Green Leaf Cleaners is an eco-friendly cleaning company. The Avada theme makes this website easy to navigate so that any potential customer can quickly find the cleaning services or contact information they need. This layout works well for businesses whose main goal is to attract new customers through their website.

15.graphic twister

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (17)

Graphictwister offers graphic design services, so it's only fitting that you have a crisp, clean and attractive website. It takes full advantage of the Avada theme's grid layout options to display samples of its services. The grid layout helps organize similar content across the site without confusing visitors while browsing.

16.RedBag media

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (18)

RedBag Media offers web graphics, branding and videos. This site features parallax scrolling to grab users' attention and then leads to a grid layout with examples of the company's work. The page ends with the Avada design contact form to encourage users to get in touch. As an agency or freelancer, you can present your work and generate inquiries with a layout like that of RedBag Media.

17.LittleBig bikes

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (19)LittleBig Bikes uses the Avada theme to integrate their social media posts on the homepage. The website also includes an online store and a slider with testimonials. The footer includes award badges, a newsletter signup form, and three navigation columns. The chart, which shows bike recommendations by age group, communicates information that would normally take up a lot of space on the page and creates a compelling feature that keeps users on the page.

18.Maui College of the University of Hawaii

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (20)

The University of Hawaii Maui College website shows a video background with a call-to-action button in the middle. Further down the page, the content is divided into columns. The Avada theme also offers a robustskirting board, which includes quick links, student resources, contact information, and even a campus map.

19.Casas Charterbucht

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (21)

The Charter Bay Homes website uses the Avada theme to display an attractive banner image that easily guides website visitors to what they are looking for with a clear navigation bar.credentialsat the bottom of the page align perfectly with the content about the quality of a Charter Bay Home.

This implementation of the Avada theme has a lot of text, but with the right fonts and a nice selection of images, your website can run just as well.


Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (22)

RankPay, an SEO services website, comes with a front-and-center search bar and concise navigation right out of the box. As you scroll, there are multiple image effects that grab users' attention and draw their eyes to the large call-to-action buttons. The flat design is inviting and easy to read, making it a smart choice for business owners who need to explain complex concepts on their website in a simple way.

21.Gabrielle Vermeij Design

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (23)

With any design and photography website, you want your work to be presented clearly and beautifully. The Avada theme can do that too, as evidenced by Gabrielle Vermeij's minimalist website, which focuses on the designer's work. As you scroll down, the portfolio is divided into different sections on the page, all of which lead to a footer with a contact button.


Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (24)

California-based Pump Fitness offers personalized personal workout plans, massage therapy, and a smooth browsing experience thanks to the Avada WordPress website. Its pages implement parallax scrolling combined with high-resolution images to clearly showcase the gym benefits and experience.


Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (25)

Operating in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, iQuarters provides homeowners around the world with automation solutions. The site uses the Avada theme to give a sleek, modern look to two of its biggest features: smart home audio and smart home lighting. The sticky menu at the top of the page stays with the reader as they read the site and provides a quick way to further explore the site.

iQuarters caters to both private and business customers, so they've made a lot of adjustments for both audiences. If your company works in a similar way, please save this website as a reference for your website design.

24.simple logic

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (26)

Simple Logic uses the Avada theme to create an action-oriented user experience on your website. This website design agency features a hero image with two prominent calls-to-action—one inviting visitors to seek a quote, and the other to check out the agency's portfolio. A third CTA is in the top right corner of the page and offers a free web audit.

No matter where the visitor goes on the site, he has the opportunity to contact an agent or get information about cooperation with the agency.

25.Yellow maritime advice

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (27)

Bold colors, bright graphics and lots of contrast make this Avada Theme website a ray of inspiration for any website design. The LinkedIn social media icon is placed in the top right corner, making it the only social media button visible and accessible on the homepage. As a freelance consultant, you'll appreciate the professional appeal of this theme along with the easy-to-navigate menu.

26.sweet word

Top 26 Websites with Avada WordPress Theme [Examples] (28)

WordCandy helps online businesses create user copy, content, and documentation. The way this company has designed their website using the Avada theme helps their own copy stand out. The light text against the dark blue background gives this page the contrast it needs to draw attention to CTAs, featured work, and testimonials.

Find out if Avada is right for you

The Avada WordPress theme works well on almost any type of website. Whether you want to showcase a portfolio, offer services to clients, or sell unique products, Avada can be customized to meet your needs.

Plus, Avada's advanced features and design elements will make your website stand out from the crowd, and its simple theme builder makes creating your dream website a breeze. Try Avada to see how this WordPress theme can work for you.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in February 2020 and has been updated for completeness.

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Is Avada a good WordPress theme? ›

My conclusion for this Avada Theme review for [2023] is that it is a great theme. It is really possible to create any type of website, it cannot be much more multifunctional. The theme builder works pleasantly and quickly. Everything is very clear and speaks for itself.

What is the most sold theme WordPress? ›

Astra is the most downloaded WordPress theme of all time — it's a multipurpose theme offering both free and premium versions depending on your budget and your site's needs. Trusted by major online brands and organizations, Astra is praised for its speed, lightweight build, and power.

Is divi better than Avada? ›

Divi and Avada are similar in that both give you the power to build a custom website using their visual drag-and-drop builders. However, while they both give you that control, Divi is now notably faster in terms of out-of-the-box performance.

Is Avada still good? ›

With over 659,649+ licenses sold on, Avada is one of the best-selling WordPress premium themes in the world. The surprising fact about the theme is that despite its popularity in the WordPress community, few users are actually aware of the breadth of experiences they can build using this theme.

What is better than Avada theme? ›

However, as it stands now, I would recommend Divi to more people than Avada because Divi performs better (thanks to a 2021 update), has more demo sites, has a larger community (including third-party extensions), has stronger theme building and is more affordable for multiple sites.

Which is better Avada or Elementor? ›

Avada contains the FusionBuilder, a good page builder but of course Elementor PRO works much better. Elementor is 10 dollars cheaper and offers a year of support where Avada only gives half a year. Both have a lot of great demos that can be imported quickly.


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