Phoenix Suns trade rumours, speculation ahead of NBA trade deadline: Chris Paul on the market? (2023)

Phoenix Suns trade rumours, speculation ahead of NBA trade deadline: Chris Paul on the market? (1)

NBA trade speculation and rumors surrounded the Phoenix Suns throughout the season.

Will the team take any action before the 2023 NBA trade deadline on February 9?

Check out the latest conversations with the team, some of which are interesting, involving point guard Chris Paul.

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NBA-Insider Information: Suns 'assess' future without Chris Paul

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Marc Stein recently reported that Phoenix is ​​starting to look at life without Chris Paul, which has sparked a lot of speculation from various quarters about possible trades the Suns could make to get help at the job.Jake Fischer de Yahoorecently reported that Phoenix was "looking for improvements in the rear," prompting more questions about the Suns and Guards in the NBA shutdown.

For the victory: 7 potential trade targets for the Suns to replace Chris Paul

Bryan Kalbrosky had #1 Fred VanVleet of the Toronto Raptors on his roster, which included six other guards.

(Video) Latest NBA Trade Rumors Ft. Chris Paul, D’Angelo Russell, Derrick Rose And Eric Gordon | NBA News

Of VanVleet, he wrote: "Perhaps the Toronto Raptors' best overall option for the Suns is Fred VanVleet, an NBA champion who received his first All-Star nomination last season. He's one of the Suns' ostensible targets, according to Marc Stein".

Phoenix Suns trade rumours, speculation ahead of NBA trade deadline: Chris Paul on the market? (2)

toronto star: Suns among odds favorites to trade OG Anunoby

The Suns are included in a list of potential teams to trade for the Raptors' stellar defense, with Phoenix at +175 probability.

Only the Memphis Grizzlies have better odds on another team for Anunoby in the NBA close at +130 (the Raptors who have him are also at +130). The New York Knicks are at +500, while "every other team" is at +1000.

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ESPN: "Fake" Business Idea with Chris Paul, D'Angelo Russell

ESPN's Zach Lowe suggested a "fake trade" idea on a recent podcast.

He said: "Chris Paul is just better than D'Angelo Russell. If I make that trade as Phoenix, I'll only do it because I'm giving up this season and I want to re-sign D'Lo and pair him up with his friend Devin Booker."

the big track: Sun is a 'realistic' trading option for OG Anunoby

Liam McKeone wrote: "A likely package would be Crowder, Johnson and two first-round picks. The Raptors will get Draft Funds and two useful players they can trade for even more Draft Funds if they want. The Suns take Anunoby to form a incredibly dangerous starting five that can go toe to toe with the best the West has to offer Toronto could hold off hoping a worse team will forgo an equal package for Anunoby but if they want him gone before the deadline , it feels good".

(Video) The Phoenix Suns Could Trade Chris Paul | The NBA Show

Meaning:The NBA hopes to approve billionaire Mat Ishbia as the new owner of the Phoenix Suns before the shutdown

Bleach Report: Suns acquire D'Angelo Russell in 4-team trade proposition

Eric Pincus proposed a trade that landed Phoenix Russell in a monster trade that saw the Suns send Chris Paul to the Lakers.

It would certainly be a monstrous trade, but it must be considered highly unlikely.

Of Russell's adjustment in Arizona, Pincus wrote: "Russell, who turns 27 in February, has a pre-NBA relationship with three-time All-Star Devin Booker. He also averages 17.8 points with 6.2 assists per game while shooting 39.1. percent from 3-point range. The Suns could try to extend him (another two years) or let the market dictate his price to stay. Does he fit into coach Monty Williams' style? A true old-school point guard , Paul is convincing defenders (at least in his prime.) That's not exactly Russell, but he's perhaps the best keeper available for the suns.

fan side: Chris Paul trade for Suns doesn't make sense

Jason Reed wrote: "Paul is a point guard on the decline and that's why it was theorized that the Suns might attack him. While CP3 is going down, his contract isn't too bad. He makes $28.4 million and $30 .8 million next season with no guaranteed salary the following year. In a league where players make more than $40 million, things could be worse. Plus, the Suns will never get back what they were supposed to earn for Paul. Even with Paul's relapse, D'Angelo Russell would be a huge downgrade. Russell doesn't play winning basketball, and there's a reason Minnesota would want to get away from him in the first place. The idea that the Suns are just trading Paul to get to Russell and potentially making it a long date trade is silly.You better ride what's left of Paul.

The athlete: Suns gave Milwaukee Bucks permission to meet with Jae Crowder

Shams Charania wrote: "In a new development, the Suns have given the Bucks permission to meet with Crowder, league sources tell The Athletic Crowder, those sources have also indicated. Several teams, including the Miami Heat and Hawks, are following interested in Crowder, who championship-challenging teams see as an empowering acquisition at the deadline.

Charania added of Milwaukee's recent offer to the Suns for Crowder: "Both the Suns and Bucks have been in serious trade talks for months, with current proposals on Jordan Nwora, George Hill, Serge Ibaka and the second-round comp draft. of Phoenix for fans, according to sources."

(Video) NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns TRADE Chris Paul? Chris Paul REQUESTS Trade? | Chris Paul Trade News

docking points: Suns must take risks, trade against OG Anunoby

Jedd Pagaduan wrote: “However, fight windows rarely come. Therefore, wrestling teams take risks. Imagining a defense with Mikal Bridges and OG Anunoby hounding the opposition should be a Suns fan's dream. Anunoby would also give the Suns another gun toss. Stars like Luka Doncic, Kawhi Leonard and Steph Curry will make it to the postseason. And if the Suns could make a trade for Anunoby without giving up sweet forward Cam Johnson, that already looks like it. after a big win, draft pick risks doomed."

OddsChecker: Knicks favorite to get Chris Paul

The odds listed on the website for Chris Paul's next team had the New York Knicks at +200 chance of getting the point guard if the Suns decide to trade him. The Toronto Raptors finished second at +250, with Charlotte Hornet at +350.

action network: Suns aggressively pursue point guards

Matt Moore wrote: "The Suns and Clippers are the two teams most aggressively going after point guards, according to league sources. ... The Suns have also been linked to Fred VanVleet, but since there's no sign of Phoenix yet Wanting to prevent the fall of Chris Paul and move the 37-year-old future Hall of Famer, the Suns would be looking for a backup point guard, who doesn't fit the FVV profile (again not a known interest from Trading CP3, but other execs are keeping an eye on that situation in case Phoenix, with reports saying new owners soon decide to focus on maintaining a core around Devin Booker.) The Bulls and Suns have had talks about a Coby White Deal for Jae Crowder in recent weeks, but it's believed to lack any real traction.

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The athlete: Sun monitoring status of Raptors OG Anunoby

Charania wrote: "The Knicks and Suns are among the prospects for Raptors forward OG Anunoby, according to sources. New York has shown a willingness to offer Anunoby several first-round picks, according to these sources. Meanwhile, the Suns have control of all of their first-round picks, eight total, through 2030. SNY first reported the interest from the Knicks last week.

Bleach Report: Suns between teams linked to Atlanta Hawks' John Collins

Eric Pincus wrote: "Collins is not for everyone because he is owed $78.5 million over the next three seasons (player option last year). But for teams struggling to get free agents, Collins' contract could be attractive if the price to acquire him through a trade is not overwhelming...Collins is one of the most talked about names on the trade market all season, he was associated with several teams including the Phoenix Suns, Washington Wizards, Utah Jazz, the New Orleans Pelicans, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Mavericks and the Clippers."

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(Video) Suns Making Shocking Chris Paul Trade + Suns, Knicks Pursuing OG Anunoby!? 2023 NBA Season

Phoenix Suns trade rumours, speculation ahead of NBA trade deadline: Chris Paul on the market? (3)

the ringtone: Suns should trade Jae Crowder, Dario Saric and 3 first-round picks for OG Anunoby

Michael Pina wrote: “Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges, OG Anunoby and Deandre Ayton are championship-caliber starters. An improvement over Crowder in almost every way, Anunoby is capable of playing small teams of five in the West that get smaller in the postseason. Depending on the matchup, the lineups Cam Johnson bags for Ayton or Paul could be devilish in a playoff scenario."

action network: Suns a buyer at NBA close

Matt Moore writes: "The Suns may look to include Crowder in a larger deal for a major upgrade, something they've been looking for since last summer when they hoped to use the network chaos to add Kevin Durant. The Suns are said to They're still constantly on the lookout for this kind of move. That's not to say they're the only team willing to add a Superstar, but most conversations with the Suns lead to bigger ideas. These big ideas, however, are becoming increasingly More difficult to pull off, so the likelihood of Crowder being traded for just one player, be it Eric Gordon, Josh Hart or another backup wing, remains high.

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docking points: "Dream" scenario for Suns to trade Jae Crowder for John Collins

Enzo Flojo wrote: "To address this, the Suns could look to bolster their roster at the deadline. You can aim for the moon and play for Atlanta's John Collins. Sure, the cost of his contract could be an obstacle, but the potential adjustment de Collins is attractive His lack of offensive creativity will not be a problem for the team as they have enough game options to make up for it He is a versatile player who can hurt the defense with pick and pop sets and add new ones dynamically for the Suns side. He can also play center in smaller lineups. Paired with Deandre Ayton, this would also create a massive and imposing duo that could dominate opponents. It would be the dream scenario for the Suns: taking over John Collins in exchange for Jae Crowder and maybe someone like Dario Saric."

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