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in the world ofearn money online, answering surveys for money is one of the oldest side hustles.

Survey sites that are a category ofWebsites where you get paid, are so popular because it is incredibly easy to make money with them.

In short, all you have to do is answer market research questions to get free gift cards andcash payment… As simple as that.

Now,Not all survey websites are worth your time.

If you seeSites like InboxDollars, a popular survey platform, the reality is that many survey sites either don't pay enough or take too long to pay out to make it worth your while.

So today we're looking at another player in the paid survey space:zap polls.

It's called Zap SurveysYou can earn a whopping $6.25 for completing your first survey, so it certainly looks promising on the surface.

But in this Zap Surveys review, we are going to test if this survey site is really legit and worth the money. I also share my personal experience with the app so that you can make the right choice.

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What are Zap polls?

Zap Surveys is a free survey app available for Android and IOS that allows you to take surveys in your spare time to earn money.

The app is owned by parent company Apps That Pay LLC, a smaller mobile app developer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Now Zap Surveys is very similar to other GPT sites.

In short, you download the app, open surveys on your home page, and earn a certain amount of money for each survey you take.

Zap Surveys was created in 2017 and has since grown to over 80,000 reviews on the App Store with a 4.3-star rating.

Also, according to the home page of the site,Zap Survey users have won over $300,000since the application was started.

Considering that other survey sites likeswagbucksYMy pointshas been around for over a decade, it's nice to see a newer player in this secondary niche.

The question is how does Zap Surveys work? Can you earn real money with this app?

How do Zap polls work?

I downloaded Zap Surveys and used it for an afternoon to test the app and the whole process is pretty easy.

Zap Surveys works in 4 easy steps:

  1. Record
  2. Take a bonus survey
  3. Answer other surveys for money
  4. Pay off

That's all you need to start making money with Zap Surveys, but let's go into detail at each step.

1. Sign up for Zap surveys

To sign up for Zap Surveys, you need an iPhone running iOS 11.0 or higher or Android running 4.4 or higher. If you have a reasonably modern smartphone, you should be able to download the app without any problems.

So first go to the App Store or Google Play Store andDownload the Zap Surveys app.

When you open the app, you'll be asked to sign up for an account via email, Apple, or Facebook.

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After that, Zap Surveys will ask if you want to enable location-based surveys. Location-based surveys apparently pay a bit more than general surveys.

For example, when you enter an eligible restaurant, you may be invited to take a survey about your restaurant experience and receive rewards for completing it.

Just keep in mind: Enabling location surveys can drastically reduce battery life, but you will miss out on certain survey opportunities.

2. Complete a $6.25 bonus survey

As mentioned,New Zap Survey users earn a $6.25 bonus for the first survey they complete.

No doubt this is a major selling point for the app, but is it true?

Well, once you've gone through the registration process, a survey will be immediately available for you to take.

This bonus survey pays $6.25 and takes about 4 minutes. Basically, you need to take this survey to access the Zap Surveys home screen.

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I took the survey myself and it took about 30 seconds.

Just make sure you read the questions! They will try to trick you with nonsense or contradictory questions to find out if you are a bot or not paying attention.

Overall, I think Zap Surveys has a very solid user interface and taking surveys is easy, so it's pretty well done considering it's a smaller app.

3. Answer other surveys for money

Your main screen in Zap Surveys has a lot to offer, so let's break it down into sections from top to bottom:

  • My balance (how much money you have earned so far)
  • Daily Cash (Earn 1 cent, then 2, then 3 and so on every day you open the app)
  • quality surveys
  • Best match surveys
  • short surveys
  • survey partners
  • Trending Cash Back Brands

It's busy, but the most important survey sections are high value surveys, best match surveys, and short surveys.

(Video) 2 Hour Online Survey Experiment 💰 Earnings Revealed

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You can take these surveys in your spare time to earn extra money. It's very easy overall, and the surveys also show how much they're paying, so you can pick the best deals.

One advantage of Zap Surveys is thatguaranteed daily surveys, so you never have to go days without earning at least a little money again.

Keep in mind that these surveys don't pay too much, so it will take a while before you start to see any real earnings.

4. Payment

The bottom menu layout is arranged as follows: Daily, Cash Back, Zap, Cash Out, and More (from left to right). The "Withdrawal" section is where you go to redeem your rewards and see all of your withdrawal options.

Zap Survey withdrawal requires $25and he pays you toofree paypal moneyor several free gift cards.

It's the same as InboxDollars but frankly it ranks very high in the world of paid survey apps.

For example,swagbuckshas rewards from $1 and other survey platforms likesurvey addictCharge as low as $5.

Similarly, various apps that pay you to play games like:fog gamehavefree amazon gift card rewardswhich start at $0.50; a much more realistic goal than Zap Survey's $25 requirement.

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Either way, an income indicator at the top of the app will show you how much you have left until you reach your $25 threshold.

Note: PayPal is always a payment option, but gift card rewards vary by region and are not always available.

If you're looking for free gift cards or other rewards,Get apps as rewardsare the best option!

Other ways to make money with Zap surveys

Answering high-value surveys and best match are the two main ways to earn money with Zap surveys.

However, there are a few other ways that you can maximize your earning potential.

1. Full Cash Back Offers

With a recent update to Zap Surveys, you can now earn money by purchasing through the app.

Honestly, this is a really great upgrade because after you earn your $6.25 bonus, you can get $25 faster by completing shopping deals.

This idea is similar to cash back reward platforms likeRakutenoShopping Browser ExtensionsAsShopping at Capital Onethat you can use to earn rewards for purchases.

All you have to do is tap on a Zap Survey affiliate, activate the cash back offer, shop and start earning.

Some examples of Zap Survey refund offers on my account are::

  • uber come: Get 30% Cash Back (That's Crazy!)
  • Disney+: Earn $17.50 for signing up for Disney+
  • best Buy: Earn 0.35% cash back
  • sam's club: Get 10.5% cash back
  • Walgreens: Get 5.6% Cashback
  • CV: Earn 1% cash back
  • cabbage: Get 2% cashback
  • Macy's: Get 2% cashback
  • Instacart: Get 3% cashback

This only scratches the surface, and there are dozens of other companies to earn rewards from.

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You should still compare the rebate offers on Zap Surveys with other platforms likerakuten and honey.

But it's good to see that the recent update to Zap Surveys is bringing additional revenue opportunities to the app.

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2. Location Rewards

Zap Surveys has brand partnerships with countless major retailers, restaurants, and stores.

When you walk into one of these places with location services turned on, you'll sometimes get a notification to take a quick survey and get a quick bonus.

That's it just for going to a store like Walmart!

You will also receive a bonus payment of $0.25 to use while shopping at that particular store.

This is similar toApps como ShopkickYpremise, so it's nice that Zap Surveys offers some versatility in how you can earn money.

Make sure your location services are turned on in the app along with your notifications. Without them, you cannot get these benefits.

3. Daily login streak

If you log in to Zap Surveys every day for 45 days,You will receive a reward of $0.75.

You earn $0.01 the first day, $0.02 the next day and so on until you reach 45 days. This $0.45 will be converted to $0.75 when you successfully complete the challenge.

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The best way to stay up to date with your login streak is to turn on app notifications as Zap Surveys will notify you to log in and not miss your streak.

Of course, that's not a massive payment, but it is something.

4. Use the Zap Surveys referral program

If you go to the "More" tab, you'll see a big green button that says "Refer a Friend."Earn $0.45 for each person referred.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer, which is a nice feature since many survey sites limit you to 5 or 10 referrals.

Is Zap Surveys legit? (The truth!) - This World Online (8)

(Video) Making Money with Surveys (DON'T DO THIS)

Each account has a unique referral code, so you can share your code on social networks, email and SMS to invite your friends.

This is a decent referral program in the world ofbiergeld apps, but it is not very well paid.

5. Share Zap polls on social media

In the "More" tab you also have the option to share your surveys and experiences on social networks.

They used to offer rewards for sharing, but now it's no use unless you really want to share the love of the survey app.

Hopefully the share to win feature will return in the future.

6. Daily Pick'n Win Challenge

With Daily Pick'n Win you can request a ticket to participate in a raffle every day.

Raffle pays $7.50(each) to 20 different people who have claimed a ticket. This can be a quick way to earn a little more if you win the prize!

However, I would not bet on winning regularly or at all, as it is pure luck, so keep that in mind.

How do Zap surveys pay you? – Minimum payout and bonus options

In the "Withdrawal" tab you can see all the withdrawal options available to you.

Here are some Zap Surveys gift card options:

  • amazonas
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • starbucks
  • Nike
  • under armor
  • Delta
  • best Buy
  • princess cruises
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • audible

Is Zap Surveys legit? (The truth!) - This World Online (9)

The minimum withdrawal amount is $25 for all withdrawal options except Audible, Bass Pro Shops, Delta, Nike and Princess Cruises.

Some of these gift cards have a minimum payout of at least $50, and some gift cards go as low as $100!

Stick with the $25 PayPal option if you ask me. This way you can use the money for whatever you want.

And as mentioned above, gift card availability varies and is subject to change.

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Are Zap Surveys Legit?

Zap Surveys is a legit survey site and there is proof of payment online. He also follows through with his $6.25 sign-up bonus. However, the withdrawal requirement of $25 is very high compared to other survey apps. This means that it can take timelanguageIt's time to get paid with Zap Surveys and we don't think the app is worth the money for that reason.

Other popular survey platforms likebrand surveysYsurvey addictCharge as low as $5. And you can also exploreOnline jobs that pay you daily, such as various freelance jobs that are much more lucrative.

So yes, Zap Surveys is a legit company. But I think the $6.25 sign up bonus is not as good as people think because it takes forever to cash out.

How Much Can You Earn With Zap Surveys?

This would not be a genuine Zap Surveys review without sharing my personal thoughts on this platform. And after testing the app for an afternoon, I have to say that the earning potential of this survey app is really slim.

The average survey takes about 5-20 minutes and costs about $0.50.

The low end is around $0.25, while the high end is around $1.

Is Zap Surveys legit? (The truth!) - This World Online (10)

If you convert this to an hourly rate,You're probably looking at $2-$3 an hour on Zap surveys.

Even if you receive daily surveys, there is no guarantee that you will actually qualify for them.

The thing is, your demographics play a big part in deciding whether or not to get more surveys on Zap Surveys.

In the beginning, try your best to be honest and take your time with each survey you take. As you progress, the surveys will appear more frequently and it will be easier for you to qualify for them.

Sure, you can use the cash back options or other bonus winnings. However, it will never break the bank.

How can you earn more with Zap surveys?

One trick that many people may not realize is that you can slowly earn more with Zap surveys as you "level up" with different survey partners.

Currently, some of the Zap Surveys partners are:

  • peanut labs
  • set range

When I tried to take various surveys, Zap Surveys directed me to their partner

And after answering a short survey for $0.10, I found that I could improve my profile by answering 5 surveys and starting 1 survey on 2 consecutive days.

Is Zap Surveys legit? (The truth!) - This World Online (11)

For leveling up, you'll earn a $0.40 bonus and gain access to higher-paying surveys that pay up to $6, according to

Well, Zap Surveys is still a low paying survey site, but if you really like editing surveys, you can earn more little by little by leveling up with different partners.

Still, don't expect to quit your job or make any significant amount of money from this app.

If you spend some time taking surveys each month, I would expect an extra $5-$50 per month depending on how much you make.

Further reading -How to make $5,000 fast.

(Video) I claimed the free $0.03 from Zap Surveys every day until...

Zap surveys pros and cons

If you're considering giving Zap polls a try, we hope these pros and cons help you understand the platform a bit better.


  • Available on Android and IOS devices
  • $6.25 bonus survey for signing up
  • modern user interface
  • Provide income and time before taking the survey.
  • Tons of withdrawal options
  • Decent section for cashback bonuses


  • Withdraw at least $25
  • It takes a long time to win
  • Low earning potential
  • Reduces battery life (for site surveys)
  • Difficulty contacting customer service

This is a pretty standard list of pros and cons for any survey app… There are many ways to earn money and the rewards are good, but the tradeoff is low earning potential.

Other Zap Survey Reviews

Another way to tell if a survey site is worth reading is to read reviews from other users.

Well, the reviews for Zap Surveys are pretty mixed... people basically either enjoy or hate the app.

a TrustPilot,Zap Surveys is rated 2.5 stars out of 5, and some users claim they were randomly banned and couldn't withdraw:

Is Zap Surveys legit? (The truth!) - This World Online (12)

That's not the best sign, but to be fair, you'll find plenty of positive reviews on various Reddit communities.

For example, this Reddit user enjoys location-based rewards in Zap polls, as it's a pretty passive way to earn money:

Is Zap Surveys legit? (The truth!) - This World Online (13)

When we look at other Zap Surveys reviews, there's a common theme: the app is easy to use and has plenty of opportunities to win, but it takes a while to get to $25:

Is Zap Surveys legit? (The truth!) - This World Online (14)

I think it's clear that Zap Surveys is a legit company that pays users as long as you don't do anything suspicious and get your account banned.

But it is a very slow earner so I would also compare it to other survey platforms like e.g. B experimentGrindabuckoProductivewho have higher paying surveys if you like that hustle.

Further reading -The best Android apps that let you pay cash.

The Best Alternatives to Zap Surveys

If you like the idea of ​​using paid survey sites like Zap Surveys but are looking for alternatives, you're in luck.

There are many websites and apps like Zap Surveys. And many alternatives do not have such high withdrawal requirements.

Some of the best apps like Zap Surveys include:

Is Zap Surveys legit? (The truth!) - This World Online (15)

These apps won't get you thousands of dollars, but they will if you want.make money fast, they are effective.

Further reading -How to get $25 now.

frequent questions

If you're still wondering if Zap Surveys is legit, we hope these FAQs help you better understand the app...

Do you really pay for Zap surveys?

Yes, Zap Surveys pays users. There are some withdrawal options that can be redeemed directly via email when you reach the minimum withdrawal of $25.

There are also online payment vouchers and users claiming they were charged despite the $25 minimum requirement.

Are Zap Surveys a scam?

No, Zap Surveys is not a scam.There are more than 80,000 4.3 star ratings in the App Store. The app also has over 500,000 downloads and quite positive reviews on the app store.

Again, don't expect a lot of money from this app... A lot of the negative reviews come from users who are not satisfied with the payout rate, but that doesn't make Zap Surveys a scam.

What is the Zap Surveys customer service number?

The Zap Surveys customer support number is not publicly disclosed. However, you can contact Zap Surveys customer support by emailing them at

Do I get paid for disqualifications?

Many survey websites don't pay you for disqualifications, which is very frustrating when you've spent time answering questions and then you get kicked out halfway through the survey and get nothing for your efforts.

Zap Surveys will pay you pennies for disqualifications. That's not much, but hey, it's better than nothing.

Further reading -Best Micro Task Sites To Earn Rewards.

How long do Zap survey payments take?

Zap Surveys ships most rewards within one business day of your payment. However, sometimes it takes a few extra days for rewards to be processed and displayed via email or PayPal. If it takes longer than a week or two, you can contact Zap Surveys Customer Service to check on the progress.

What makes Zap surveys unique?

The main difference between Zap Surveys and most survey websites is that you get a $6.25 signup bonus.

On top of that, the cashback offers on this app are pretty solid. Only Swagbucks and MyPoints are comparable GPT sites with such decent deals.

However, Zap Surveys has some of the lowest survey rates in the industry, and that's the honest truth.

So take advantage of the $6.25 sign-up bonus, but don't rely solely on Zap Surveys to make extra money taking surveys.

One more time,prolific websitesPay more per survey on average, so you might as well spend more time there!

final thoughts

In short, Zap Surveys is a legit app that pays you to take surveys.

(Video) Can You Make Money Taking Surveys #Shorts

There are no real scams associated with this platform and many users were very happy to receive payments on time.

Although this is what I'm going to say...

The app is simply not worth the time spent taking surveys unless you enjoy that kind of hustle. The profit potential is too small if you want to make a lot of money.

It's probably better to use aGig-Economy Appasdoor boardoApps como TaskRabbit. In about 30 minutes, you could earn as much with Zap Surveys as you would in a full month.

If you really love taking surveys and want to take advantage of the $6.25 bonus,Try Zap Surveys.

Just don't expect your finances to change significantly and be prepared to push yourself to reach that $25!

Hopefully, our Zap survey app review will help you decide if that's the case.Side-Hustle-Ideeit's right for you.

Are you looking for other ways to earn money on the side? Cash:

Note: Capital One Shopping will compensate us if you sign up using the links provided.

Zap Survey App Review

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Name:zap polls

Description:With Zap Surveys you can earn additional money by answering surveys. You can also earn rewards for shopping online, referring friends, and answering location-based survey questions.

Application category:survey apps

Author:Daniel Friedman



  • gaining potential
  • gaining potential
  • ease of use
  • reward options
  • pay
  • Customer service

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Daniel is a 22-year-old blogger from Los Angeles with a passion for all things entrepreneurship, finance, and investing. When he's not bloggingmodern teenager, you can catch him playing volleyball, archery, or finding new ways to earn money.


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