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Do you need to find a jail or prisoner?

Do you want to find an inmate who is in a federal or state prison? Nearly 1% of the adult US population is incarcerated, more than 2.2 million people, the largest prison population in the world. Finding a prisoner can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can search the web to try to locate an inmate by searching government websites or you can try our new free inmate location lookup tool. Just click our free inmate locator, select a state and we'll direct you to the appropriate state prison inmate locator. If the inmate you are looking for is in a federal prison, click on the Federal Inmate Locator link. Most states require you to know the inmate's name, or inmate number, and the inmate locator is free... Simple as that.

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What exactly does a prisoner do?

By definition, an inmate or convict is a person who is being held against their will and deprived of their liberty and rights by being committed to a jail, jail, or correctional facility. The most common type of inmate is a person convicted of a felony or violation of federal or state law. Federal prisoners are those arrested and convicted by a federal court and incarcerated in federal prisons. All other inmates are those convicted and incarcerated by state, county, or city court and incarcerated or incarcerated in non-federal facilities, such as prisons and state jails.

Do prisoners have rights?

Yes, they do... Inmates are protected from cruel and unusual punishment by the 8th Amendment to the United States Constitution. This ensures that an inmate is entitled to a minimum standard of living as determined by federal law. In principle, detainees are entitled to fair treatment in accordance with the provisions of the state and federal government.

How can I find the whereabouts of an inmate?

You can search for and locate an inmate's whereabouts by contacting the Department of Corrections in the state where that inmate was incarcerated. If you do not know the inmate's incarceration status, you can use the Federal Bureau of Prisons' inmate locator tool. You can usually locate inmates by name or correction number.

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  1. Thank you so much. I will try there.


  2. Maria, you can also try this free government resource, maybe they can help you


  3. Thanks for letting me know. I thought so much; It's just that my heart was clinging to the hope that my mind was wrong. I also know that after 30 years of not seeing each other, if I could find out his last name, the chances of finding him are not good.


  4. Maria, you can't find an inmate just by first name.


  5. Hello. Is there a way to find an ex-con just by first or middle name? I have no idea what prison he served his time in. I know where he lived when he was sober when I met him.


  6. I want to know if my friend is in federal prison and in what state


  7. I'm trying to find out how my brother Wayne Donald Sellnow is doing, I'm his big sister.


  8. Crystal, unfortunately we do not have an answer for you regarding the whereabouts of your son. Government agencies are known to update information late, so you may need to contact them.Dallas County Jailevery day to find out where this inmate is.


  9. My son was incarcerated in Dallas County yesterday October 6, 2020
    Today I can't find it in any of the search places. I also tried TDJC and Federal. How long does it take for the information to appear when it arrives in a chain at a facility? He is John Joseph Gnall 3rd, birth date is 4-2-92 and his district book number was 20000892, please help me if you can


  10. Maureen, the best way to find Steven is to contact them.Massachusetts Department of Justiceand asked them where they transferred him. You can also use the free inmate search byFederal balance of payments websiteconduct a nationwide search of inmates. Unfortunately, information about an inmate's whereabouts lags when it comes to public record websites such


  11. I'm trying to locate Steven Morello, who was transferred from the Massachusetts Correctional Center in Shirley. Please help.


  12. Jason, if you're looking for an inmate in Texas, you can contact him.Texas Department of Justice. If you go to their website, they have a free Inmate Finder tool where you can search for that person by name or DOC number.


  13. Buscando a Billy Clarence Hiddleston.


  14. I am looking for my son, Lawrence E. Pippins (Lonnie). He was jailed in NJ in 2016.


  15. Linda, unfortunately we don't have any information about this person either. She must continue to try to communicate with state and federal institutions, as the information from her is sometimes delayed and, generally, we receive the information later.


  16. On March 2, 2020, my son George Eugene Smith was booked into the Jefferson County Jail. 03/18/2020, I wanted to send him tickets for his birthday and I couldn't find him anywhere. On March 18, 2020, I spoke to a person at the Jefferson County Jail and they told him that he is not there and they have no information on where he is now. I've tried checking the state inmate locator and I've tried the federal inmate locator and still can't find any information on it. When he was released from the Jefferson County Jail, no information available? It troubles me to learn that some of the inmates have recently died from COVID-ID-9 and therefore their thoughts take them there. I would like to know what is happening.


  17. Janardhan, we are more than happy to assist you with your inmate search, but we need to know in which state your friend was incarcerated and sent to prison.


  18. Sir, I am Janardhan H S from India. My girlfriend is going to jail on December 31, 2019. My girlfriend's name is Jinisha abyasa (female). Her phone number is 917303056278. I don't know now which prison she goes to and I don't have a BOP ID number. I need information from Dr. Jinisha Abyasa.
    Help me. My contact mobile number is Janardhan H S 919916317600.


  19. Veronica, are you looking for an inmate in Oklahoma?


  20. Hello, I am trying to find out where my son Nicholas James Carr is being held. He is a white male, 22 years old. 11/9/97. He was in Dallas, Texas, he was living on parole in New Hampshire. He left and went to Dallas, Texas. I heard he got in trouble, I guess in Dallas he was in jail in Baltimore, MD. New Hampshire and Connecticut. Any information would be appreciated, thanks.


  21. Timothy Hernandez Clara waters ok jail I need your doc inmate number Do you want to write to him?


  22. If you are not a US citizen, we have no record of your whereabouts. That being said, if Lorenzo is a US citizen, we can track down an inmate for you, but we need to know what state he was in.arrestedIn.


  23. I'm looking for Lorenzo Cadtillo, who was detained at the border with Mexico. I want to know where he and his shelter are staying.


  24. It's a very common name, so we need additional information to verify that the inmate is from Colorado.colorado inmateColorado prisoner you're looking for. You can also visit and use the Colorado Department of Correctionsfree occupant locator tool in Colorado. You can also contact the Colorado DOC at 719-226-4569


  25. I'm looking for Steve Williams. The last time I saw him was in Thornton CO. He is from North Carolina. That was 18 months ago when I last saw him. His age 45-48.


  26. Kim, we're happy to help with more information on finding an occupant, but we need more clarification on which occupant orarrest informationyou are interested. Let us know and we can do additional occupant searches for you.

    imprisonment in the united states

    The United States has 5% of the world's population but 25% of those incarcerated. There are currently more than 7 million people incarcerated in the United States, and that staggering number is constantly increasing. To give more details, 1 in 9 men is imprisoned and 1 in 55 women is imprisoned. The numbers become even more interesting when broken down by ethnicity.


  27. Please send me more information


  28. Unfortunately, we are unable to make an inmate with the information you have provided. That being said, everyoneState Correctional Facility Websitesoffers a free inmate search where you can find inmates by their DOC number or by first and last name. If you do not know what state the inmate is in, you can use the federal inmate locator provided by theFederal Bureau of Prisons


  29. Search for inmate Ali Aldarajy 72117-066 what's your status for a current address.


  30. The best thing to do is contact the Department of Corrections in the state where you are trying to locate an inmate. The DOC of almost every state offers a free inmate search that you can use by searching by name and Department of Corrections number. Another option is to useFederal Penitentiary websitewhere you can perform a nationwide inmate search




  32. Rodre, thank you for checking out our free inmate locator. We did an inmate search in Texas and an inmate search in California and we didn't find your friend. Are you sure that she is incarcerated or in prison in one of those states? If this is the case, and since we don't have inmate results with our free inmate locator, you should consider contacting the Department of Corrections website in each of these different states, as they both have an inmate locator tool. (also known as Free Criminal Search). - or Free Inmate Locator ) that you can use. We have included links for you below. To use this free inmate search, you will need the inmate's full name or their stateDepartment of Corrections Number

    Click here to use the California Inmate Locator provided by the California Department of Corrections

    Click here to use the Texas Offender Search offered by the Texas Department of Corrections


  33. Hola

    I'm looking for the name of a close friend, Latisha Denise Higgins. She is a 41-year-old black woman from Los Angeles, California. I think she might be in the state of Texas...possibly in the city of Houston 03/20/1977 Date of Birth


  34. Thank you for the updated inmate information. Please contact us if we can be of further assistance. Our inmate locator resources have helped many people find inmate records, incarceration records, court records, criminal records, and more.


  35. Sorry about Thorson, he was arrested in Oregon and extradited to South Dakota.


  36. I am looking for my son Thorson W. Lammers. He was arrested on old warrants in August and extradited to South Dakota, but it's been three weeks and he still hasn't arrived in South Dakota. How can I find out how and where it was shipped to South Dakota? I heard there is a prison bus line that picks up and drops off prisoners in the United States. How can I find out where my child is?


  37. It's not clear what your question is. Can we help you find the whereabouts of an inmate or an inmate file?


  38. Betsy Brown Wooded Yancey


  39. In order to help you with our free inmate locator, we need the full name of the person in question and the state in which they are being held.

    If you don't know what state this person is incarcerated in, you can tell usFederal Penitentiary website. This free inmate locator resource allows you to locate inmates anywhere in the United States by full name or DOC number.


  40. Please, I really need to find Timothy Edward Scroggins.


  41. If you are looking for an inmate in Clompton, Alabama, the best thing to do is visit the Alabama Department of Corrections website and use their free inmate locator, also known criminal search in alabama. There you can search for inmates across the country using a first and last name or an AIS number. Since you probably don't know your cousin's AIS number or Alabama institutional serial number, you can search by name and review the results by date of birth, tattoos and identifiable marks, and mugshots. Another option is to useFederal Penitentiary websitewhere you can search for inmates nationwide by BOP number or by name, age, race and sex.

    How to find inmates online

    1. Visit the Federal Bureau of Prisons website (
    2. Search for inmates by name and age or BOP number
    3. Look at the results of federal prison inmates
    4. Filter results by mugshot or name and age
    5. Find out what prison the inmate is in


  42. Hello, my name is Charlie Ziglar. I'm looking for my cousin who I think is in a state prison. His name is Calvin Clopton.


  43. I'm trying to find out where my son Lawrence E. Pippins is in N.J. stops him. He was incarcerated in the summer of 2017. Picked up in Pemberton, NJ Burlington County. He is 27 years old.


  44. Your cancellation request has been sent to our customer service team. They will drop you as soon as possible. Please contact us if there is anything else we can help you with.


  45. I want to unsubscribe but I CANNOT figure out how to do it, not even a phone number! please help


  46. To find out where your husband is, you need to contact himPennsylvania Department of Corrections. The Pennsylvania DOC website offers a free inmate locator where you can find Pennsylvania inmates by a DOC number or search by first and last name


  47. I'm looking for my husband James Woodard. He was extradited from Florida to Pennsylvania for violating probation. I haven't heard from him since February 28th and I'm worried and can't find him. Could someone please text me and tell me if he is ok and where he is?


  48. Contact the appropriate State Department of Corrections for information on how to deposit money into an inmate's account. Each correctional facility is run at the state level and each of these facilities has a criminal or inmate tracking tool that can help you find the person you are looking for.


  49. I would like to know how I can get information on the solo monkeys of Ruby Marie Queen and Jeremy Dwight so that I can write them and invest money in their books.


  50. The best way to locate and contact an incarcerated person in Washington State is to contact theWashington State Department of Justice. There you can enter a last name or DOC number to search Washington inmate records.

    Washington State Inmate Search

    1. Visit the Washington State DOC website
    2. Use your free inmate locator
    3. Enter DOC number or inmate name
    4. Search for incarcerated Washington State inmates


  51. I'm trying to find her inmate number so I can find her in jail or on dismissal. I haven't talked to her since she was in the district and her visits were ruined so I didn't get to see her before she was sent and I want to talk to her and see her because I love her and miss her. a lot. Her name is Lorena Reyes. The last time we spoke was about her visit to Snohomish State Penitentiary.


  52. Can you give more details about what you are looking for? Is there an inmate file you're looking for?


  53. Probation violation


  54. If you are looking for an inmate currently incarcerated in a prison, you should contact the Department of Corrections website for your area.

    How to know if a person is in prison

    1. Contact Your State Department of Corrections
    2. Use Inmate Search or Criminal Search
    3. Enter your name and as much information as possible
    4. View inmate finds, which sometimes include mugshots


  55. I'm looking for a man named Anthony Jermen Rivera aka Latin King Psycho


  56. If you are looking for an inmate who is currently incarcerated this is one to visitFederal Penitentiary website. you can look thereprisonersnationwide with name or BOP registration number.


  57. I am wondering about anthony hutr ali touy smith carolyn shephard the murder of family members i need to know if they are still being held for security so i cannot contact the proper authorities


  58. For information on a released Las Vegas inmate, the best thing to do is contact theLas Vegas Correctional Facilityand its useInformation sources for prisoners. Unfortunately, we don't have any information about the person you mentioned.

    Las Vegas Inmate Finder

    1. Visit the Las Vegas Department of Justice website
    2. Use the Free Las Vegas Inmate Locator
    3. Enter the DOC number or first and last name
    4. View prisoner information


  59. I am looking for my cousin Antonio Rubén Lucero. The last word was that he was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada and I think he was let out to take his own life before going to jail.


  60. Brilliant. He seems delighted that his loved one is back from prison. Not many inmates in prisons or jails are so lucky.


  61. Hello, I am happy that my only son started with the work of Dr. Samura was released from prison. I can't thank him enough for the good job he has done in my life. I will always talk about him when I see the Dr. I contacted Samura with his phone number found on the internet for the first time, I never think it works when I explain it to him, he said ok and the work started after 3 days, to my greatest surprise, I received a call from the policeman, who asked me to go to the station to come, i saw my son come out and he told me mom, be free, then i remember what dr. Samura told me that his spell is powerful. Now I am happy with my only son. I have no husband. In case you are in so much pain contact him on +2348103508204 whatsapp or


  62. you want to contact themLas Vegas Sheriff's Departmentor theLas Vegas Detention Center websitesince it was a recent arrest. She still won't be publicly known where she is being held as an inmate.

    How to Find Inmates in Las Vegas

    1. Visit the Las Vegas Inmate Search Website
    2. Enter a first and last name or an inmate ID
    3. Locate inmates being held at the Las Vegas Detention Center


  63. I am looking for my sister who was arrested last Tuesday 10/03/2017. I also have no idea what prison she was taken to and when I search for her information there is no record of her, but I am sure that she is incarcerated! Is there any way she can get help on how to find out what prison my sister is in? Her name is Tyquandra Williams, her date of birth is 10/23/1982, her inmate ID number is 1899025, we live in the city/state of Las Vegas, Nevada, please help me!


  64. Melissa,

    To find inmates in Alabama, you must visit theAlabama Department of JusticeWebsite. There you can find inmates with first and last name and an Alabama institutional serial number.

    Search for prisoners in Alabama

    1. Visit the Alabama Department of Justice website
    2. Enter the first and last name of the inmate
    3. Enter the Alabama inmate's AIS number, if available
    4. Look at Alabama inmates and prison bugs.


  65. I'm trying to find out where Rodriguez Jackson of the Wetumpka Wing is and make sure he doesn't get out of jail. Murdered my son Derrick Reynolds on 03/18/2009.


  66. I'm looking for Rosemary Heather Miller who was transferred from Oklahoma around the year 2000.


  67. hello ruth,

    If you have a state and county where Michael lives, we can help you find a person, but this is a common name and we don't have the exact information you're looking for in our database.


    The quarry search team


  68. I am seeking my son, Michael Dewayne Thompson, white male, age 33, dated 06/14/1983. He was in Miller Co Detention Center until 02/15/2017, he was released on 02/17/2017 and is said to be in Dcc in Ar ???



accurate + complete


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The dates were exactly what I was looking for.

good service


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I just entered the number I was curious about and got results really cool how this service works

Useful for search results


2018-05-30T23:55:41, sincechild 5/5Narrow

I love the data this site provides. it's incredibly helpful

recommend to others


2018-04-09T12:33:34, sinceangie r 5/5Narrow

I will recommend this to others who need similar information.

the site works fine


2018-04-09T12:33:59, sinceElias O. 5/5Narrow

The site works great, now I can search for the information I need.

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