Apple Car May Use LG Batteries and EV Components (2023)

Apple Car May Use LG Batteries and EV Components (1)

Another source hints that LG could become a major supplier of car components to Apple, but this time it could be Apple that has approached it. LG has reportedly formed a task force to handle Apple's delivery request for everything from batteries to the cameras needed for an eventual Apple Car self-driving kit.

According to Bloomberg, citing a local Korean analyst at KB Securities, LG, the world's second-largest maker of batteries for electric vehicles, could also supply components for the Apple Car. Kim Dong-Won advises the LG Group:which has a complete line of EV components”, is a potential partner for Apple Car and may even have established a working group to better position itself for the opportunity to become a key supplier of Apple Car Parts.

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The working group is reportedly composed of representatives of theLG Energy Solution business that makes batteries for Teslasand other electric vehicles, but also outsideLG Innotek, which supplies Tesla Vision's autonomous camera kits, as well as LG Electronics with its EV parts and possibly LG Display, which is the maker of the column-to-column dual cell stackMercedes-Hyperscreen.

That's already an impressive list of components LG could supply for Apple Car, and it's not the first time we've heard that LG is vying for a good position to enter the Apple Car supply chain from the same meandering analyst. This time, however, he's commenting to confirm yesterday's Naver report about the formation of an LG task force dedicated to winning the Apple car deal.

Apparently, it was Apple that went to LG to propose the partnership, as it has a lot of experience working with the Koreans as suppliers of parts for their iPhones and other devices. From theThe new EV subsidy requirements of the Inflation Reduction Actthe desireChinese companies are excluded from the supply chainApple has no choice but to turn to LG or its archrival Samsung.

When asked for comment, LG denied the rumors, as the task force asked if their existence could be theirs.general electric vehicle task forcewhich was apparently formed to try to become a major player in the industry's red-hot niche. In addition to collaboration between its various subsidiaries on its ability to manufacture EV components, the project includesConversion of LG's former Android phone factory for EV chargingSystems that LG may plan to distribute in shopping centers, supermarkets and the like.

Apple is rumored to be investigating numerous partners for its upcoming surveys.$100,000 Titan Vaporware for Electric Cars, vonHyundai and Kia for their EV platform, AFoxconn stops at the assembly. Now that theThe Apple Car Team has reportedly completed its restructuring., and Apple's self-driving ambitions have been scaled back significantly,Project Titan ApplesIt can finally start, and the Cupertino dream team is said to be dying for youApple Car launch in 2026.

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"Apple should start shaping its own EV supply chain next year if it plans to sell a new car in 2026.The Korean analyst confirmed, while Naver sources believe LG's EV task force will make a decision on whether and how to supply EV components to Apple in early 2023.

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Naver&Bloomberg(Pay wall)


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